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January 28, 2021


Start Earning Money Online today

How Young Kenyans are Making Fortunes Online

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Its no Longer a Fiction that Online work Can transform Someone’s Life. All you need is a Legit Program that is Tested and Proven. The best thing about online work is that it is Flexible and one can do it alongside other Engagements.You also need someone to guide you through especially if its your First time. This Can act as your mentor in this industry to avoid making many mistakes.

Online Marketing is the Easiest and Most affordable business you can Start today. Global Internet Fortunes a Limited Private company that registers blogs and Websites gives People a chance to market their Services and Pay them Via Mpesa Every Week. With thousands Of Kenyans Earning over Ksh 50,000 Monthly online, Below are some of the Members Earning between Ksh10,000- 30,000 weekly.

Alfred is a student at Nakuru and is doing online Marketing part time with Global Internet Fortunes. He is Currently Earning Ksh 10,000 per week. This translates to 40,000 monthly. This is not a bad income for a student working Part time
Collins started working with Global internet fortunes the Year 2017. He is based at Eldoret. Now he makes a minimum of. Ksh 15,000 weekly. That is Ksh 60,000 per month. At his Young age he can do alot with such an Income. You dont need any previous experience to start Online Work. Just plugin and start trainings

Meet madam Carol who was employed Earning 25,000 monthly. She started online Work part time and after 5 months she decided to work Full time after her online business started paying more than her Job. Now she has done online work for 2 years. She makes an average of Ksh 22,000 every Week. This is Ksh 88,000 per Month.

Other Global internet fortunes members include
Mr Obura making 17K weekly

You can also be among those who are Making it in the Online Marketing industry. Adequate training will be Provided. If Interested to Join, Comment below interested or Call/Whatsapp Mr Alex via 0726428826

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