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January 28, 2021


Start Earning Money Online today

How to Make Money Online in Kenya

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Congratulations. You are Just about to unleash your potential by Learning how to Make money online in Kenya. Thousands of Other Kenyans are already earning  5-100K every Week working 3-5hrs a day Online.

Remember We are Living in tough Economic Times. The rate of Unemployment is increasing day by day. Inflation has just increased from 3% Last year to 4.5%.So expect to dig dipper to your pocket to continue enjoying the goods and services being offered. The rate of Corruption and Dirty Politics in Kenya is making it difficult for companies to survive. Companies are Retrenching instead of Hiring to try and minimize the cost of running their business . You saw K24 tv  just retrenched 150 employees among others. Others are Closing down completely eg Nakumatt, betin, Sport pesa and now Space Lounge.The surving Company’s are also struggling with Debts all over and Unpaid bills and Salaries eg Mt Kenya Tv, Jacaranda hotel among others. The government itself haven’t paid the Census enumerators. Nairobi city council workers are always striking due to delayed salaries and poor work conditions. Looking for a Job in Kenya is just but a waste of time and effort. There is nothing like Job Security.

However all is not Lost. As a matter of fact, Most People thrive during tough economic times. One way to achieve this is by embracing technology. As people are Complaining, those working online are having a Killing day by day. With government promoting online work in Kenya, you can be assured to make a fortune in this industry.

.A company Called Global Internet Fortunes is giving Kenyans an Opportunity to Work online and get Paid weekly Via Mpesa. The work involves online Marketing, Advertising and marketing. The company also trains on blogging and digital social media branding and marketing.

Below are a few testimonials of some Kenyans Earning Weekly Working Online.

Thomas is a 4th year Student. He started working Online with Global internet fortunes on 12 Oct 2019. He is now Earning ksh 6900 weekly. This translates to around 28K monthly. This is just the beginning. 6 months down the line, he could be Earning around 25K weekly. Below is a screenshot of one of his latest weekly Earning.


Other Members earnings

Immaculate is a Student at KMTC Nakuru working online Part time. Now Earning 23K weekly

You can also start working online in Kenya with Global internet fortunes. Comment below with Im interested and  Whatsapp Mr Alex via 0726428826  for quick assistance on how to get started.

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