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January 28, 2021


Start Earning Money Online today


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There are many people searching online on how to make money online in Kenya. This feature looks at ways through which you can create an income by working online.

How to make money online in Kenya

Here is a list of how Kenyans make money online:

Global Internet fortunes

  • Freelancing
  • Creating blogs
  • Content production
  • Video production
  • Virtual Store
  • Development info-products
  • Online Shop creation
  • Sale in online marketplaces

Let’s go into each of them.

So before you ask how to make money on the Internet? You need to know if you really are willing to work hard and dedicate yourself to this challenge. Every time someone asks me how to make money online in Kenya? I have to do a ranking of the various job options available online in order to give a conclusive answer.

Simply because with each passing day there is another new way of making money online in Kenya. There is an increase in the number of options and different ways of anyone to get a good income on the Internet, with minimum investment, job, and dedication.

We will not discuss ways of making easy money online or without working online. I know there are hundreds of messages circulating on the Internet about easy money online. Just know none of those is true. We’re talking about making money on the internet with a serious and professional work.

Am going to show you legitimate ways of making money online in Kenya. We’re talking about making money on the internet with a serious and professional work.

Making money online in Kenya

The range of business options for Internet entrepreneurs is growing, especially in Kenya where we live. A real business boom in the online universe with hundreds of new businesses and startups popping up every month and many Kenyans are making real money online.

I’m not just talking about mega investments, as there are also many ways to make money online by starting small and growing slowly. Alternatively undertaking in the digital world is not exclusive to large investors.

With the variety of options we have today, it is not know how to make money on the Internet but that kind of opportunity to grab. A lot of people want to work from home over the Internet, but in many cases do not know exactly which segment.

The first step to making money on the Internet

First, forget the magic, quick and immediate solutions, it is not how you will make money online As in any other business, every enterprise on the Internet requires dedication and hard work to pay off.

One of the biggest myths about online business is that you can make money online without doing anything or else work too little. Just ask anyone who has any type of online business to see how this is true.

Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing in Kenya

The largest chunk of Kenyans making money online do so through freelancing, you become a service provider. There is a huge demand for the craziest of services you have seen or imagined.

If you can draw, have a beautiful voice to make some voice-overs, web design, graphics, writing fiction or academic papers, there is always someone somewhere looking for your service.

Freelancing is a faster option to start making some money on the internet. It is not as complex as setting up your own business – just creating profiles on some freelancing sites, familiarize yourself with them and begin to provide your services.

Learn More about freelancing on  Working Online in Kenya

Making money on the Internet by creating a blog

This is one of the best-known ways for anyone who is looking to make money online in Kenya and with an advantage. You can work from home and you don’t have to work on it every day.

With blogging, you need to create good content that will make people visit your blog. You can then make money by simply display ads as well as receive a commission on advertised products that your readers buy. It is what we call Website Monetization through affiliate programs.

Make money online by producing content


Another way for those who are wondering how to make money on the Internet is the production of content for third parties.

Content Marketing is a strong trend in digital marketing and many companies do not have a structure to generate content for their blogs so they need the third-party labor.

If you are good at writing and have notions of SEO – Search Engine Optimization for Search Engines, this is a very interesting option.

So how is content marketing helpful, well a company like Smart Kenya has a blog and we update our blog regularly with content related to what we do? We use the posts to market ourselves as it has been proved a blog is a very good way to generate traffic for websites.

You can also get paid to manage a Facebook page, creating relevant content to fans, seeking greater engagement with the audience. You can write texts, create photos or illustrations, share videos, finally, produce the most diverse content.

Earn money with video production

Earn with YouTube

If you like to produce videos, this is an area where you can make good money. Many people have found that YouTube can turn into a great source of income through the monetization of original videos produced and posted on their YouTube Channel. A good example is Caroline Mutoko, a prominent and very popular Kenyan who produces videos on very important issues in the country.

Making money online with info-products

Another way to make money on the net is by creating info-products. An info-product is any kind of digital information that can be sold or otherwise made available in the form of downloadable file online.

These days, the development of infographics is one of the best-paid ventures online. That’s kind of content that quickly spreads on the internet, getting the fruits of viral publicity purposes.

You can create various types of info-products that can be developed as e-books, online courses, manuals, textbooks, and software. This type of activity can be performed in a home based model since it does not require physical space for production or storage.

With the tools available on the internet for dissemination of any type of digital product, writing eBooks can be a very lucrative business. One good way, for example, write an ebook and publish on Amazon.

You provide your materials for a store that has millions of customers and they pay up to 70% of royalties by direct wire transfer to your account. You can write a guide on anything or a thriller set in the 50s.

Not only that, you can write technical texts, reviews of products, stories, articles, advertising copy and the more you know or like. There is a demand for all this on the Internet, especially for those who speak English.

Earn money online by creating a virtual store

E-commerce growth in Kenya is a fact. The market has grown 25% on average over the past five years and gives no cooling signal.

First, you need to know what to sell on the Internet. Give preference to niche markets to avoid competition from major players in the market. To succeed in this business, it is best to do a good research on e-commerce to have an accurate idea of what to do in this segment.

Earn Money Selling on Marketplaces

Currently, you do not need the whole structure of a virtual store to sell over the Internet. There are several marketplaces where you can sell your products without the need for a structure of an e-commerce.

I know some people who use sites like eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and the likes from Kenya who sell their products worldwide. There you can sell whatever you want provided it is within the rules established by the site.

There is also a growing trend known as Dropshipping that is slowly coming to Kenya where you only become a middleman between buyer and manufacturer.

Get funds from people online to work on your projects

There is a concept on the internet called Crowdfunding. Literally, means sponsorship from the crowd, but in practice, it is a way to dilute the investment of a project to a large mass of people receiving rewards in return for the donation.

That is, a way to make others pay for you to realize your ideas. If you think that sounds crazy to know that there are projects that have grossed more than $ 10 million in a month. Here in Kenya, I know of startups and NGOs that have benefited from this practice. Never in history was so easy to turn an idea into reality and try to live that dream.

An example of places you can post your projects to get funding include; IndieGoGoKickstarter1% Club and Jumpstart Africa to name but a few.

Conclusion on Making Money Online in Kenya

A request to you, reader, if you are enjoying the information here on Smart Kenyan Blog, please use 10 seconds of your time and share this page on your favorite social network – or even the ones you hate the most! This increases our visibility and credibility. Thank you!

The above-mentioned ways are the most effective ways to make money online because they are the ones that, in my view, can produce an interesting result in a reasonable time, with a small investment or even exclusively with an investment of time.

You can make money on the internet by making videos for YouTube, for example, but you may need to invest in a camera, learn how to edit videos on your computer to qualities that you would like. So invest in yourself and you will reap the benefits online.

Finally, although there are many speculations, absurd promises and false gurus with various schemes saying they will show you how to make money online, make sure you can start a business from scratch, with no or very little investment, and turn it into your main source of income.

No one will get rich overnight, working with whatever. The internet is a promising market, not a fairy tale. If you struggle, stay focused, and persistent, you will achieve results Yes! But do not fall into the illusion to imagine that you will earn 16,000 dollars in the first month just by clicking around.

Especially if you know nothing of the business. Do not be naive that way but know that the internet can become your main source of income yes, but keep in mind that this will take some time.

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