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January 28, 2021


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How to handle Objections in Network Marketing.

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First I must Congratulate you Much for being involved in Network marketing. You are among the Few Most Hardworking and Open minded people who wants the best this Life can Give. Network marketing is a business that comes along with so many advantages eg Time and Financial Freedom, A chance to help Others, Enjoy quality products/services among others.

The business comes along with some Rejection and Objections and Today I will train you on how to overcome a few of them Professionally.

1. No time for another venture.

This objection is based on the thought that a person already has a full day and no time to try something new. Your first comment should be to let them know that many other people do MLM part-time around their busy days. Eg we have a number of students doing GIF and getting incredible results working part time .

Offer to show them how they can fit it in with what they already do, and ask if they would like to hear more about that.

Ask your prospect if it’s worth trading some of their valuable time for something that can provide them with an income for life. Perhaps they could fit some extra time into their schedule for it?

You could also provide a solution to their time management problems. You could tell them how the MLM venture can actually free up time, so that they have more time to do what they enjoy.

Another tactic is to ask them that if they continue doing what they are doing, will they have more time in five years, or less time? But if they try the MLM opportunity, the goal is to have more time in the future.

There is also the notion about working hard to achieve someone else’s dreams, but if you follow a new path, you can work toward your own dreams instead.

2 I have no money to signup.

This objection is for handling skeptical prospects for your venture. You may find that many people are interested, but they’re concerned because they don’t have the money.


In this situation you need to tell them that you also didn’t have the money when you first started but you saw a life-changing opportunity so you took the plunge and that you saw an opportunity for yourself and you decided to do it anyways.

You may also assist them with showing them how to get the starting cash. You may give ideas eg borrowing among others. You can share your story

You may also respond back to them about and ask why they are unable to afford the business opportunity. You’ll also need to sort out the difference between them really be interested in the opportunity but not having the cash to get started, or not being interested and just brushing it off by saying they have no money to start.

You can say like so you are saying you dont have 5500 in your Mpesa /Bank? Wait for an answer

Another tactic is to bring up something that they mentioned earlier. Perhaps they said something about being worried about earning enough money to put their kids through college, or that they needed more money for retirement or vacation. You can let them know you’ll be showing them how to create a new form of cash flow, without changing what they are currently doing. This will eventually help them to earn enough money to do all those things.

Remember to address their objection with a question, which has the effect of making think inward and reflecting on the situation. This way, you won’t have to defend your venture.

Just to clarify Betty, you simply don’t have $55 dollars in your Mpesa account, is that correct?

Ask this follow-up question.


You don’t have a credit card with $54 dollars of credit on it, correct?

Typically they will say, no, I do but… (you now know they have mislead you)


So, you really have the money, it’s a matter of prioritization, am I correct?

Betty will say YES.

You then need to diagnose what Betty is spending her money on instead of getting started.

I will ask, Betty, when will you have $55 available to get started so you never have this problem again?

She will tell me a date. So, if I call you on Sept 25th, you’ll have it for sure – correct?

Then you call her on that date to get her started.

 3.How much money do you make?  

The question that trips most network marketers up and scares for people off. For a lot of you, this question will cause you to shake, shimmer and clam up. Here’s how you can easily deal with it.


What context do you ask the question in? OR

Are you wondering if YOU can really make money in our company?

They will say, YES.

Share a few testimonials of different people already Earning money and their achievement.


Also you can ask them.. If I tell you am earning 30,000 weekly in GIF? WIll you join me? They will try uttering some words. Tell them the amount you are making wont help but rather you are willing to help them make such.


If not, I’ll say… Are you ready to become a success story? Wanna get started towards that today?

You may wish to deflect this back at them. It’s not about how much you are making, but how much money they can make. It’s more relevant when it’s about the type of success that they can have, which is different than your success.


You’ll want to stress what a great opportunity you are providing them with. If you can get them to see it, then they will also be sold on the opportunity too. Remember that everyone’s success is based on their own limitations, and not anyone else’s. This is why it’s so great to be in business for yourself.

You may wish to deflect this back at them. It’s not about how much you are making, but how much money they can make. It’s more relevant when it’s about the type of success that they can have, which is different than your success.

You’ll want to stress what a great opportunity you are providing them with. If you can get them to see it, then they will also be sold on the opportunity too. Remember that everyone’s success is based on their own limitations, and not anyone else’s. This is why it’s so great to be in business for yourself.

 4 Only people at the top make money. 


Once again, this is an assumption and their ignorance pours out when they ask this question. You need to handle it this way for best results.


What makes you think that people at the top make money? What is the top?

Remember, if you’re asking questions, you’re in the power position.

This will allow you to get the information you need to provide or tell them to enroll them.

Then say, are you ready to be at the top of your organization and get started today?

Also you can show them how a new person can make more money than people who has been in business for long. Share a real testimony.

5.I tried it. It didn’t work or a friend of mine tried . 

This obviously comes from a person that has been involved before and it didn’t go perfectly. Your job is to find out why.

If it’s in the case of a friend who had tried, first inform them fhey should not make a decision based on another person’s experience.


Remember, clarify.

What do you mean it didn’t work?


What were you told to do? Did you have help?

Then, determine what was missing. Typically an upline told them to do something that just didn’t make any sense. Or they were left to their own devices to enroll people.

I then take that thing they didn’t have and say… If you had XYZ, would that give you the ability to make the money you deserve?

If they’ve told you the truth, this answer will be a yes.

Just make sure you’re willing to provide that.

6.I already have a good job. 

Network marketing objections in this tone tells you that they don’t understand network marketing. Nobody uses it as a job or certainly shouldn’t at first.

I want to clarify that they know what network marketing is. I’ll ask, do you love your job more than anything else? Would you do it even if you didn’t have to or you aren’t paid a salary ?


Did you know this is something you can do super part time?


They simply are confused in their mind. They think that network marketing is something that they would do full time and that simply isn’t true.

If they love their job more than anything else, let them go. That’s fantastic!


If they don’t, then say… Would you like to start working on your fortune in an hour or 2 a day so you can truly live your dream life?

Once they understand the game, they will say yes!

7.Also on this ;My friend lost money with this.


You need to hear their story. I will say, “I’m sorry to hear. What happened with your friend?”


Let them know, there is no money lost because their friend received product more than likely.


Then explain the differences and why they will succeed no matter what with your network marketing opportunity.

This will allow them to see why you will be different.

Then say, “Are you

ready to get started so you friend can actually achieve their dreams?”

8.I’m not the network marketing type. 

Someone will ask is this GIF? Or is it network marketing? Ask the question back to them eg How does GIF work?

Then you will know the real Objections.


If its Aimless Global? I reply

I have no idea what is means.


If they persist, I would say, are you just trying to tell me no I would let them go.

9.Is this a pyramid scheme?


Many people are wary of pyramid schemes because they can involve scams or be illegal in their country. You need to let them know that you work with a legitimate company.


You can also mention any famous people who have actively promoted the business. Mention other famous business people around the world who are now millionaires thanks to MLM marketing: Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson. This type of marketing has worked for them.


If your client is concerned because they had a friend lose money with it, ask them about it. It may have nothing to do with your company, so it could potentially be something completely different they’re mentioning.

You can also acknowledge it, and ask why their friend lost money at it.

❤️❤️One that I like to use all the time is that if you feel this is a pyramid scheme or a scam. Tell your prospect to google anything with the word ‘scam’ in it. For example, let them know that everything is a SCAM! I’m not kidding you here. If you google, “Orange Juice Scam”, you’ll see tons of search results regarding Orange Juice being a scam.

9.What is it?

This typically is an objection BEFORE they see the video or say yes to an exposure or BOM.

They are really saying, tell me why it’s worth my time to watch your video or attend a meeting .


Would you be open to a side project?


10 What is it?


You need to put it in a sexy line for them, that they can understand..


I’ll say, it’s a way for you to generate an Extra income on a residual basis that won’t take up a ton of your time. Would that be worth 45 minutes of your time?


PLEASE don’t say… Would you be interested in a side project that doesn’t interfere? (it’s a lie. Their time is currently being taken up by something already.)

  • 10. I don’t know anybody.  

This objection is typically just a bluff. I mean, it’s so easy to show them they do know people. That’s all I want to do but with a take-away.


John, how many contacts do you have in your phone?


How many friends do you have on Facebook?


He’ll give you numbers like 50 & 800 friends on Facebook. (averages)


You have people to talk to, what’s the real reason you don’t want to get started?


Then ask to get started. John, are you ready to get started making money today?


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