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December 2, 2020


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Does It Really take 21days to Create a Habit

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Experts will tell you that it takes 21 days to develop a good habit. With good habits, they translate to productivity, creativity and they become part of your character. As an entrepreneur,  you cannot run away from the reality that each day you have to be at your best, to be able to deliver to your clients.

Good habits have a ripple effect on the employees and the organization at large. Successful businesses thrive on core values that are built on good habits. Here are some of the good habits that will propel your entrepreneurial journey to eternity

1. Investing in the future.

Tomorrow is very uncertain. With unforeseen events lurking everywhere around your business, its good to be on the other side of trouble. When you are investing in the future, you are putting some money in a savings account, buying a piece of land somewhere, buying shares in best-performing companies and thinking miles ahead of your competitors

2. Working with the creme de la creme

Specialization comes in handy when your mission is to deliver the very best to your clients. A team of experts, each good in their related field is much more fruitful than running up and down solo. Entrepreneurship is no one man’s guitar. If you can find a way to have brilliant minds running your business, you will never have to worry about the returns.

3. Networking

You need to know people. Valuable people who will give you business, good deals and literally go out of their way to sort you out. Knowing so and so is not good enough. Forge friendships with corporates and fortifying that relationship goes longterm.

4. Financial accountability

You must run by the books. Second guessing your financial status discredits your ability to deliver quality. Operating within your calculated budget, injecting just enough into the business, and keeping records of your transaction makes it easy to analyze the performance of your business. You cannot afford to be reckless with your books

5. Stretching your risk Muscle

The forces of demand and supply, keep changing the markets. Being on the outlook for market trends that impact your industry and taking advantage of opportunities it drags along with, gives your business more birthdays. Analyzing risks and knowing when best to jump in and seize the moment, is a good habit that successful businesses thrive in.

6. Training and programs

You have to keep polishing up on your skills. Being a step ahead of your competitors. To be able to cut across your different clients in terms of their tastes and preferences, knowledge and information have to be at your fingertips. Training and programs are also a good platform to network and exchange business ideas that can grow your business. They challenge you to think outside the box.

7. Sabbatical Leave.

Change of the scene is good for the soul. You get to relax, free your mind to meditate, think through things clearly. You are able to come up with new ideas and energized to push hard and achieve your goals.

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